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HOA Fees
What you get for your HOA fees
  • Landscaping maintenance and enhancements on community property (Brickman)
  • Maintenance of the alleyways and sidewalks
  • Upkeep of the gazebo, wood bridge, wood fencing & brick walls
  • Upkeep of the irrigation system & the LED tree lighting
  • Snow removal
  • Electricity for the neighborhood lights (including the BG&E street lights)
  • Water bill (for sprinklers)
  • Insurance (liability)
  • Property Management fees (Baywest Management)
  • Legal services including audits, taxes, and collection fees
  • Social events such as the Fall Fest
  • Web site fees
  • Hall rental fees for meetings
  • Reserve accounts / a significant amount goes directly into a long term saving account
What you don't get
The landscaper will weed and mulch your front gardens once a year, but you are still responsible to make sure all the bushes are kept viable and growing weeds are removed.
The HOA is not responsible for any maintenance on your townhome units.
Our townhome units are not condominiums! You are responsible for the outer structure (roofs, siding ect.) as well as all the utilities and your inside belongings.